Leaving it all behind to move up North… or the hardest decision of my life

The saying is true. We don’t realize what we have until we lose it.

Seeing Max this winter has been fantastic. It was like getting back the part of me that I’d lost for nearly five months. As if I was reuniting with a long-lost childhood friend I hadn’t seen for many many years. Quite frankly, no words can describe how happy I was. And don’t even start me on Qinu… he’s honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (sorry Saké…).

When you’re in such a happy place, you start to second guess every single thing in your life. Because it seems like nothing makes more sense than being together. That love could conquer all…And so I did it! I took the decision of leaving it all behind to move up North with him.

What am I ‘’leaving behind’’ exactly? We don’t have kids, or an expensive mortgage. That’s true. But my whole life is here. For the past 4 years, I’ve put in the blood, sweat and tears trying to make it in communications. Trying to find where I belong, and the type of work that would fulfill me and make me feel like working is not a job. And the truth is, most of the time, I was pretty damn happy where I was. I had an amazing job in a fast-growing agency that will undoubtedly soon be known as the world’s most renowned event agency in the world. And I loved my colleagues, so much in fact, I considered them family. So why, why in hell, would I quit all of this to go freeze to death literally at the other end of the world? Am I so tacky that I would leave it all for Love?

As hard as it was to take this life-changing decision, it simply felt right. Yes, I loved my job, but my values didn’t.  I knew that all my life, I’d be working for clients, often business clients, and that I would be forced to write corporate b*shit, oops, I mean, ‘’marketing-oriented-SEO’’ texts. Do you recognize yourself in my description? This tool could help you. You’re welcome in advance for the laugh.

So here I am, moving up North, starting another 3 years of university (part time, thank God!)… all that to become what I’ve always said I would never become : a teacher, like my mom.

To be fair though, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as shaping tomorrow’s society in a concrete way. So… Am I sad about my decision? Do I have regrets? Only time will tell, but I’m pretty convinced that staying true to yourself is the only way to go. Oh, and yes, I am tacky and I would leave it all for Love. Qinu being my true love… of course!

Update on my first week up here coming soon.


One thought on “Leaving it all behind to move up North… or the hardest decision of my life

  1. I left a confortable life and secure job because they didn’t align with my values and kept me from my now-husband most of the time. I won’t lie, it wasn’t always easy, but it definitely is the best decision I ever made. It sounds corny, but listening to your heart is the best way to live true to yourself.

    I wish you much peace, love and adventure in your new life. You are brave. The world needs more brave people.

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